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Useful for:

  • Those who want to get more done
  • Learning communication tools for better everyday and crucial conversations
  • Learning internal vs. external communication styles

"The communications program taught my team active listening skills which makes them better communicators. The Team Building training taught them to appreciate each other as individuals."

Lisa Bednarz
Regional Vice President, Lynd

Team Building

Useful for:

  • Decreasing your time spent in meetings
  • Building mutual trust and support between co-workers
  • Improving your teams effectiveness at working together

"Keys to Personal Success training was an amazing experience for my team that produced exceptional results by enhancing the overall communication and connection of my associates! Lee and Damon go above and beyond to create a personalized experience that is both engaging and effective!"

Melinda Bartolo
Operations Manager, Grifis Residential

Keys to Personal
Success Training
(Discover your True Colors)

Useful for:

  • Learning why people do the things they do 
  • Discovering what truly motivates you
  • Determining your ideal career

Our Workshops

The skills learned in these trainings are used to increase sales, reduce turnover, and meet company objectives.

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