Custom Collaboration

"34% of employees report that they are looking for another job within six months of beginning employment”

“Harvard University research indicates that engaging and embracing individual personality types as early as the onboarding process significantly lowers turnover and increases job satisfaction”

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Employee and Culture Assessments

  • Discover why employees initially chose your organization over others
  • Measure employee job satisfaction
  • Distinguish factors that are driving satisfaction and/or discontent
  • Determine why past employees made the decision to leave to avoid losing strong performers
  • Training advice tailored to your organization’s specific needs

In-House Group Training

  • Custom-built Personal Success Training
    • The cornerstone of The Industry, Personal Success training is the foundational exercise which builds a deeper understanding of what motivates fellow team members, co-workers, direct reports, and supervisors, all customized to meet the needs of your organization’s objectives.
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  • Custom-built Communication Training
  • Communication Training utilizes concepts of self-realization to help organizations that need to get more accomplished. As part of our collaborative efforts, this workshop can be custom-tailored to involve real-world scenarios of your business to help participants better master material.

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  • Custom-built Teambuilding Training
  • Teambuilding Training helps the organization run more smoothly by building trust between departments and members of teams. Get more accomplished with fewer meetings and improve workplace effectiveness by delivering real-world examples through personalized Teambuilding Training for your organization.

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Private-Label Onboarding & S.O.P. Training

The Industry is your one stop shop for made-to-order onboarding and Standard Operating Procedure training that is branded and developed for your organization. Choose from standard trainings that can be branded with your logo, or design your own.

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Deliverables and Training Follow-Up

  • We deliver full analytics after every training containing:
  • An overview of the team’s personality types
  • Ideas for supervisors on how to increase the effectiveness of their team
  • Participation
  • Detailed reporting on assessments conducted (only included with in-house assessments)
  •    > Where are employees engaged or not engaged
       > What is motivating or de-motivating employees
       > What are the sources of employee turnover, if identified
       > How satisfied are employees in their role
       > How valuable employees perceive themselves to the organization
       > Custom deliverable available to suit

The Industry is your partner in creating the positive work environment you desire. On training day we create a new “social contract” between participants, and follow up with reminders as well as surveys at two weeks, 30, 60 and 90 days

Participants are given three free months of The Industry’s support forums, resources, and archived podcasts that contain thought provoking interviews relevant to every workplace.