About Us

Our friends often ask, how did your company come to be named Scarsdale Omnimedia LLC? Scarsdale is our tip of the hat to the podcast Comedy Bang Bang for giving us a great laugh. Omnimedia is our homage to media icon Martha Stewart, and together Scarsdale Omnimedia incorporates our efforts from our podcast, The Industry: What We Know, our training programs with the Industry Collaboration as well as our family of apps to improve multifamily real estate.

Lee O'Conner

Lee O’Conner is an entrepreneur, speaker, facilitator and one of the visionaries behind The Industry: What We Know Podcast. Lee’s career spans a multitude of industries including: package delivery, radio production, customer service, photography, speaking and building a software as a service company.

The creation of Scarsdale Omnimedia LLC with co-founder Damon McCall gives Lee the opportunity to achieve her values: making a difference in peoples lives and having fun doing it. The Industry Collaboration is a result of thoughtful planning of how to bring a new perspective to the business world through training people to recognize the human element of everyday interaction.

Never living anywhere other than Dallas County, Lee is a true Texan and Dallas native. In her spare time Lee plays tennis and golf along with walking and playing with her dog Ace. You can reach Lee by clicking  here.


Damon McCall

Damon McCall is a founding partner of Scarsdale Omnimedia LLC, home to The Industry Collaboration and The Industry: What We Know podcast. Prior to forming Scarsdale, Damon was a multifamily industry veteran and road warrior operating communities and building teams all over Texas and throughout the southeastern United States. It was in the multifamily sector that Damon recognized the extreme importance of team building, and learned what being a great leader (not a boss) is all about. His basic principles are to Teambuild Often, Share Your Knowledge, and to follow the ABG’s of leadership: Always Be Growing.

During a chance encounter in 2011, Lee O’Conner facilitated a True Colors class in which Damon was enrolled and their like-minded approach to leadership made them collegues, but time made them friends. In October 2015, after many years of discussions about how to work together, The Industry: What We Know Podcast and The Industry Collaboration were born to demonstrate to individuals and businesses how much more efficient and satisfied they can be once the human element is “right”. Damon believes that the core of happiness in any workplace consists of two basic principles: being recognized as valuable to the team and asserting personal responsibility at all times, especially when it may seem difficult to do so.

Damon calls Dallas, Texas home but grew up in the Texas panhandle. In his personal time he enjoys reading mystery novels, being with friends, and singing karaoke. You can reach Damon by clicking  here.